Rent an office or work from an apartment?

fleksibilne kancelarije sa coworkingom

All business owners face a few of those “to be or not to be” Shakespearean questions and the one from the blog title is no exception, especially when the company has just started out and because of the tighter budget, there’s a demand for more accessible housing options.

However, renting an apartment might not be the best option for every up and coming business. Why?

In order to get your answer, you need to ask yourself the following 5 questions:

Does the particular space in question meet the current and future needs of your business?

Think about how much space you really need before making your final decision. Take into consideration how much a particular room layout dictates the organization of your employees and teams, as well as your options for future business growth and development.
Also, here’s an interesting fact: the average occupancy of an apartment for office space purposes is only 65%, which means that you don’t even use 35% of the rent you pay.

Do you often have meetings with clients?

While you can organize meetings with clients online, in cafes or other public areas, over time, your clients will want more security and privacy in a place less public.
A proper meeting space gives a more professional image of your business and subconsciously reassures your prospects that they are safe with you when it comes to collaboration.

What can you do to create a comfortable work atmosphere that every employee desires?

In addition to having a drastic impact on your business, your office space also affects your ability to attract new employees. Contemporary office spaces work fantastically as employee magnets – who wouldn’t want to work in an exciting place that meets all employee needs?

What are my actual expenses?

When choosing an office space, we are often only guided by basic renting costs. However, in order to see the complete picture, it is necessary to include other costs that go with these options such as utilities, internet access, housekeeping and small repairs from time to time.

Do you really want to spend all your valuable time fiddling with these things, or is it easier to choose a professional office space where they are all taken care of by others while you focus on what brings you profit?

Is team productivity at a satisfactory level?

It often happens that working in an apartment relaxes employees to the level that they feel at home, and little by little, productivity begins to decline.
If you run your company in business premises which is designed to increase productivity, even if you are surrounded by similar companies and teams that are there to do the job, your employees will be more productive and more focused on business tasks.

Explore your options

Choosing an office space can be very difficult but also an important decision regarding the future of your business. However, every job is different and only you can decide if your business is more prosperous in a residential or office space.

When making your final decision, there are quite a lot of things to take into consideration. It’s up to you to come up with a resolution that will meet your current demands and needs and at the same time, enables your business to grow and provides your staff with all the necessary features they need to keep being motivated and ready to do their job.

On the other hand, if you feel that it’s time to make some changes in the near future and need an estimate of under which conditions would you move your business to Desk & More flexible offices and get all the benefits that modern, flexible and fast-growing companies enjoy, click here and fill out a short questionnaire and we will suggest the best option for you and your company.

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