Desk&More offices for big companies

The rapid development of digital technologies that we have experienced in the last 10 years forced many business owners to digitalize their business practices in order to adapt to the newly developed changes more quickly.

Numerous companies were affected by the current situation on the market, which made them reinvent their business strategies, and focus on saving more money, thus minimizing their expenses.

Vast majority of businesses have to adjust their services to the current situation. That’s why we have created a new solution for big companies that want to improve their business practices, take their spatial resources into account, and put their chances for success into a new perspective.

We offer you and your business an amazing possibility to rent out only a few offices, a couple of thousand square metres of space or even a few floors – depending on your business’ needs, with the option to switch over to different offices every month if the number of your employees increases or decreases.

For a unique price, test out the goals your company could reach in the new business environment without any additional maintenance expenses, by making use of all practical amenities and services.

Our members were satisfied with this specific business model that allowed for greater business growth, development and prosperity.

You don’t have to worry about the cleanliness of your business space since our disinfection and cleaning team guarantees to keep the space meticulously clean by following the highest cleaning standards.

Another practical amenity of our work spaces is the possibility to organize your teams in shifts. If it’s necessary, you can adapt additional capacities even at different locations.

If you opt for using our offices within Desk&More work spaces, you get:

  • Easily adaptable offices for your team (the size of your team, your office hours, using individual offices)
  • Working in clean and disinfected environment (daily office cleaning)
  • Short-term contracts (long-term contracts aren’t obligatory, you get to choose the length of the period)
  • Coordinator on sight for all of your questions
  • Offices access 24/7

We respond to your business’ needs and provide spaces suited to your particular requirements, such as the number of your team members and how often you’ll need to use the offices. You can optimize and change the spaces if your team requirements change every month.

You get immediate access to our fully equipped premises according to your company’s organization and hierarchy that can be additionally adapted to your needs.

You only need to take your laptop with you, we take care of the rest.

Desk&More kod Vuka

  • The possibility of renting out more than 500m2 of office space organized according to your preferences (office or coworking space)
  • Our office building is in the close vicinity of shops, coffee shops, restaurants and the monument to Vuk
  • Coordinator on sight for all your questions

Desk&More The Zoo

  • The possibility to rent out more than 2300m2 for your company’s offices
  • Located at a walking distance from main pedestrian zone, Knez Mihailova Street, shops, restaurants, coffee shops and bus stations
  • Spacious conference room for easy meeting organisation

Desk&More Kondina

  • The possibility to rent out one office or more than 300m2 on each floor
  • Premium location at a walking distance from the Republic Square
  • Coordinator on site for all your questions

Price range is defined according to your company’s needs. For each client we create a personalized offer.

Click here, fill out this short questionnaire, and in 30 seconds we make a unique offer suited to your company’s current needs.

Find out more about our offer and see what can Desk&More do for your business. All you have to do is contact us on the following email address:  or number: +381 69 63 93 23.

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