How to use your office space in the best way


During work days, we spend most of our time in the office, working together on daily tasks and company goals. So, when we already spend so much time in one space, it is logical that we want to arrange that space to suit our needs. When we are in a business environment that stimulates us creatively, we will finish tasks much easier and better. Check out some of our recommendations to make the most of your office space.


Integrate company values into the office space

If you are a company that values pragmatism and efficiency, or perhaps creativity and energy, then the office space where you work should reflect these same values. The first impression your employee or client gets is in the space where the company works. In order for the business to grow, it is important to ensure that every aspect, whether external or internal, shows the professionalism of your company’s operations. For example, all tenants at Desk&More locations use their opportunity to rebrand the offices they rent precisely because the space where you work should encourage you to nurture the company’s image, values, and way of functioning.


Reorganize your workspace

Sitting and working for eight hours a day greatly affects the health, mood, and productivity of employees. Be creative and organize the arrangement of furniture, printers, water dispensers, and other elements that make up your office space. Encourage your employees to get up and circulate around the office, as even short periods of non-sitting can have a beneficial effect on their health. At Desk&More locations, office chairs are branded and ergonomically designed to allow for comfort and proper posture, and when it’s time for a break, tenants often use the common lounge and kitchen areas to stretch their legs and meet other tenants.


Minimal decor for maximum effect

Did you know that the presence of plants in the workplace can affect the mood of employees, and their productivity and even regulate the levels of stress hormones? With minimal decors such as plants, photos, and books, you can have a maximum effect on the productivity of your employees. Consider office decor as a kind of investment that consciously and subconsciously affects the company team. Desk&More recognized this psychological need for visual stimulation, so all locations of our workspaces are characterized by modern design, dynamic colors, decorative elements, and, of course, plants.


Allow employees to rebrand their desks

Many employees enjoy adapting their desks to their own habits and arranging them according to their personal sensibilities. When you allow them to personalize their desk, you give them the option to make the place their own, which greatly affects their perception of the workplace and directly correlates to their productivity. Companies can set aside part of the funds from the budget that they would distribute to employees in order to organize the workplace. This procedure builds a deeper relationship between the company and employees through the possibility of benefits. Personalizing the desk is just as important as rebranding the office in line with company values. If you were to walk through the premises of the Desk&More locations, you would see how each tenant has adapted his place to suit him.



The office you work in is just as important as the equipment you use. Various factors that make up your office space can affect the overall satisfaction of employees, and they can also give a certain image to clients when they first come to you for an interview. With just a few simple suggestions, you can refresh and make the most of the space where you spend most of your time. Organize the furniture, move the office elements around the space, invest in a few decorations, and let the employees decorate their desks. Positive feedback will come back to you both from the team and from clients. And if you are a Desk&More office user, enjoy the benefits your company has with us.

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