How to create your own Apple, Google or Amazon if you don’t have a garage

fleksibilne kancelarije sa coworkingom

Not all small businesses have the luck to grow into a new Apple, Google, Amazon or Disney starting out from a small garage.

A lot of entrepreneurs start out from their own apartment or they rent one which is totally understandable, mainly for financial reasons and for utility management, especially in early stages. However, the single one biggest mistake most these businesses make is that they stay in the “small league” mindset, not really seeing all the opportunities around them. Seasoned businessmen have already shown through their own example that business are paid in two currencies: money and experience. If you treat the first one as a priority then the money will come too.

If you have a team of remote workers without the chance of physically working together, we’re pretty sure you’ve asked yourself the question at least once: To what extent are you really a team? Are communication, motivation and focus high enough on everybody’s priority list to ensure company growth?

On the other hand, if you just started your business, it is very likely that you are thinking about reducing your initial costs and capital investment as well as looking for a solution to mend emerging complications. You’d welcome the option of expanding or reducing company workspace under flexible conditions depending on your current needs. Always paying for the space you’re currently using on a monthly basis, without long-term lease obligations for more square feet than you need. It seems like a flexible office space would solve a lot of these problems for you.

It’s a fact that company leaders did not lose from the standpoint that technology has changed the way of conducting business in the last 20 years.



Leaders of small businesses are already looking for ways to induce development and improvements in their workflow starting from looking for an adequate meeting room solution to empowering employees to approach key operational tasks more vigorously as well as team collaboration.

Team leaders know that efficient communication can demolish obstacles, tear down walls and transform employee experience into collaboration along with inducing company growth, innovation and business processes overall. That is why they provide their employees with modern and comfortable working conditions.

The strength and creativity of optimistic people in the IT sector is amazing. What leaders who recognize their potential should offer them are working conditions that will allow them to deliver their best when it comes to work performance.

The new infrastructure, professions, and the lifestyle of the modern business world all promise significant benefits for businesses adapting to the demands of the digital revolution. Whether yours will be one of them is up to you.

If you are already on your way to embrace new opportunities, chances are that you’re following the footsteps of the aforementioned giants mentioned in the very beginning of this article. Otherwise, there might be a concern that if you stay on the wrong tracks, you will never get to the right stations. It may sound like a cliché, but it is an inevitable fact.

If you find this story worth thinking about, find out more about the specific values ​​of modern flexible offices that will give you the freedom you need and the support to develop and grow your business.

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