How to say “NO” to a client?

Šta je pivoting i kako to rade velike firme kao što je Wolt? Saznajte u našem novom blogu sve o pivotingu i kako i da li je vašoj kompaniji potreban.

What is Pivoting and how did Wolt do it?

What is Pivoting and how did Wolt do it? Wolt adapted to the needs of its users and this led to great success for the company. Find out how in our latest blog.

Working time 30h per week – Pros and cons

Can you imagine your work week lasts 30 hours? There are many pros and cons and in this blog, we will explain all of them in detail.

Smart Offices – What are they and where you can find them?

Find out what exactly are smart offices and where can you find them in Serbia, Belgrade. Many say that they have smart offices, but they don’t.

How to distribute the company’s share among the co-founders in a fair way?

There is a fair way to distribute the company’s share among the co-founders, and we will show it to you. Just read this blog.

How to define the price of SaaS model (product)

We’ve shown you some of the most popular pricing strategies for SaaS (Software as a service) products.

How to create a great pitch deck

A pitch deck is a short presentation of a business idea, whose aim is to present the company, its vision and business plan to potential investors. It is an informative document with a compelling and convincing story about the potential that investors can fulfil by investing in a startup.

5 Ways to successfully lead employees through change in the workplace

A successful response to change is a basic requirement for the survival of the company in today’s dynamic market.  Changes in the workplace can be divided into external and internal, depending on where they come…

The importance of emotional intelligence at work

There is no doubt that technical competencies and expertise are essential for work success, however, a new set of skills, which we now refer to as emotional intelligence (EI), is becoming increasingly more important. These…

Tips for leading external teams successfully

Good internet connection, private phone booths, and a space coordinator who is always at the spot are of crucial importance for the work of external teams. This way, external co-workers feel as if they are…

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