5 important podcasts for business and entrepreneurship


An important step towards business success is for companies and their employees to be open to learning from the experiences of other professionals from different spheres and industries. In the beginning, since there were no local podcast authors, many followed foreign shows with guest appearances by representatives of global companies. Today we have the opportunity to single out as many as 5 important domestic podcasts that have built a strong business community with their topics and content.


Desk Talks

Desk Talks podcast was created in Desk&More smart and flexible offices, where many successful startups, companies, and creatives work. What they have in common is that they conduct their business in Desk&More workspaces. So far, we have had the opportunity to talk with renowned experts and creatives from various business industries, from IT and marketing to the food industry and world-famous names. Episodes include interviews with representatives from following companies 4bees, Formula Success, TerraCore Technologies, Xiaomi, Veza Digital, Open Studio and GoSushi.


Biznis priče

Perhaps the most famous business podcast on our market. The show soon became one of the most listened-to podcasts, and clips from each episode became extremely viral on social networks, so even if you haven’t heard the host Vladimir Stanković before, you must have seen parts of his various interviews. The goal of these stories is for young people to hear the experiences of business experts so that one day they will become experts themselves.



Marketing expert and entrepreneur Ivan Minić launched the Pojačalo podcast, in which entrepreneurs, startup employers, directors, managers, and other professionals from various industries are guests. The podcast was created with the desire to help everyone who is starting their own business because according to the podcast authors, they themselves were looking for help when they were starting their careers.


Office Talks

Office Talks is a podcast launched by the regional portal Netokracija, which over time has gained great popularity in the region. It is intended for experts from the IT industry, but also for those who want to be a part of that world. If you’re a developer, designer, or manager of an IT company, take advantage of your work breaks to listen to their latest episode.


Tehnopolis / Sutra

During their work on B92, authors Aleksandar Miladinović and Ivan Jelić dealt with current business topics from the world of technology through their show Technopolis. Over time, they broke away from B92 and started their own podcast called Sutra. So far, they have recorded more than 170 episodes, and in each one they deal with a large number of topics, so listeners love to follow them because of the dynamic and informative content. The podcast is recommended for all lovers of technological innovation.

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