3 positive effects of quarterly reports on your business

According to economic experts, by analyzing the specifics of quarterly reports, it’s easier to compare particular items and keep track of periodical controlling. These reasons justify the importance of quarterly reports, which are perceived as an integral part of the Great Annual Report.

By making the most out of quarterly reports you can manage your expenses better, eliminate unnecessary expenditures, and motivate your team to realize their full potential. Instead of waiting to see the yearly results, use quarterly reports to improve your business, as these reports allow insight into detailed results in a shorter time span, thus showing where your current business operations and practices might be headed. These analyses will give you useful ideas on how you can switch things up to push your business in the right direction.

In the following chapters, we will comment on 3 reliable benefits for your business, that allow for segmenting the results, depending on the information obtained about the quarters.

Trend analysis

In order to further grow and develop your business, stick to trend analysis. Trend analysis is comparing business data over a specific time period to evaluate consistent results and identify the strong points of the company.

For example, if the business owner decides to hone in on the reports from the first quarter, he can make some changes if he realizes that this period is characterized by poor sales results.

With the aid of overviews, you get easily comparable data which can help you concentrate on the bigger picture. Some of the data can include short-term performance, sales trends, and growth rates.

The information can help your team when it comes to adjusting short-term goals, which need to go hand in hand with the general goals of the company.

Desired results are accomplished when you combine information about different trends with other business checkups and data. This approach can be a powerful tool for the decision-making process.

Better communication with investors

Companies make quarterly reports to present their own performance and achievements to investors and business partners. Furthermore, for a better understanding of achieved goals, it’s important to understand the way a certain company presents its annual and monthly reports.

For instance, a particular company made half of the yearly profit in its third quarter. If the investors compare the third and the fourth quarter, they might be confused to see a sudden drop in sales. Business associates will have more faith in the internal process of the company if they realize that normal fluctuations in sales are represented through quarterly reports.

The influence on creating successful strategies

Quarterly reports can come in handy to businesses when they are used for the annual comparison of finances. This way they can serve as an excellent goal-achieving tool, for they help managers determine the trajectory.

Let us return to the example of the business owner whose data showed that his business produced the worst results in the first quarter. After the analysis of the situation, he can opt for a different approach and introduce encouraging sales programs in the next three months. Once he goes through future quarterly reports, he will see if these steps affected the increase of sales.

A company can also save money by not showing sales ads throughout the first quarter, if it’s clear from the previous reports that they don’t have an impact on sales increase.


Strategic planning based on quarterly reports can be useful for your business. To improve the company’s results, it’s necessary that all team members contribute to the process with their ideas.

However, according to world experts like Robert Pozen or Mark Roe, combining quarterly reports with the annual ones is the best combination for achieving encouraging results. This way, the companies gain an advantage by centering on timely, detailed quarterly reports, together with the prospects of annual and half-yearly reports.

Apart from that, many successful companies use the services of outsourcing associates for report making, which gives them an objective insight into final results.

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